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7.00pm - 8.15pm

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7.30pm - 9.30pm
The Bury Bombers are a wheelchair basketball
team based in Bury St Edmunds that caters for
people of all ages and abilities. The Club works
from grass roots to National League level with the
ethos of Courage, Inspiration, Determination
and Equality.
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Chairman & Head Coach Jill Anderson | jill@burybombers.org.uk | 01284 728458

A fire at the Bury Leisure Centre caused the club to look for new premises, and from there the relationship with County Upper School began.  At this new venue we were able to have the whole hall to ourselves and utilise the full court.  With this move came new players too which enabled the club to expand further.

The club continued to support the Regional Junior Wheelchair Basketball Championships, fielding 7 of its members in the 2004 competition and coming Runners Up in the Under 15’s competition.  The GBWBA introduced the Junior League in 2004/2005 stipulating an age range of 11 – 16.  This competition was played over two weekends and though team spirit was high, the majority of opponents were much older and taller than our players.

In the summer of 2005 it was decided to organise our first Bury Bombers Marathon.  This was a huge success and raised £1200 for the club.  This event has continued every year and has been a huge success every time.

In October 2005 several Bombers were part of the East team to come runners up in under 15s Regional Junior Wheelchair Basketball Championships.  This was the year that the older members were able to take part in a competition with our joining the National League at Division 4 or development level.

In 2006/2007 the Division 4 group were more organised and we were able to maintain the enthusiasm of the older players, attracting Chris Rix, one of our founder players to sign for the team.  In November 2006 we were part of the under 15s East team who tied for first place in the Regional Junior Wheelchair Basketball Championships.  We also continued with a team in the Junior League.

In the 2007/2008 season in Div 4 we came second place and were promoted for the following season to Division 3 Central.  We also continued with the Junior League and became South Division champions.  The arrival of a Shipping Container to be kept at the back of County Upper School Sports Hall allowed the club to expand even more.  We also continued to organise our yearly Marathon, a great source of funds for the Club.

Early in the 2008/2009 season Jill, our Coach was nominated for the Eastern Region ‘Unsung Hero Award’.  A short clip was filmed for Look East which gave the Club a lot of publicity, though Jill was not chosen to go through to the final.  The Club continued to expand and a Development Group was formed which catered for new players, old and young!  The team helped the East win the Under 15’s Junior Championship and came second in the Junior League.  The Division 3 team had a successful start to their first year at this level and hoped to sign new players for the following season.

During these later years Jill had started to organise ‘Roadshows’ for schools in the area, and in 2008 Bombers had a historic visit to RAF Lakenheath Primary School, which was repeated in 2009.

2004 - 2009: Expanding Horizons